Three factors are externally responsible for obesity and obesity control. These are:


The Centers for Disease Control and mention three critical factors that play an essential part in the development of obesity. These are:

Behavior– influences food choices. Behavior management is a useful tool for obesity control. Excess calories get converted into fats.

The environment plays a crucial role in shaping our habits and lifestyle. Availability of motorized transport at home, convenience foods, and home entertainment solutions are some factors that determine low energy expenditure.

Genetics, too, has a role in obesity. Genes can cause disorders resulting in obesity.

Certain foods, such as refined carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, contribute the most to obesity.

Certain prescription medications, including anti-depressants, steroids, contraceptives, medicines for diabetes, hypertension, migraines, seizures, bipolar disorder, allergies, insomnia, and a host of others, are associated with weight gain.

Disrupted sleep or sleep less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours can lead to obesity. Difficulty in breathing can also be a reason for disturbed sleep.

Many people are looking for a silver bullet to quickly reduce weight with the least effort. They try a variety of weight loss supplements and medications. I have reviewed the available supplements. The weight-loss benefits from such supplements, at best, can be marginal.

Losing weight is best achieved when we proceed systematically. Check with your physician before consulting a weight loss dietitian. Do not pick up one of the weight-loss diets from the ones reviewed earlier, or even hire a personal trainer before a medical consultation.

The physician will order a series of medical assessments to evaluate medical causes for weight gain and identify the triggers leading to weight gain.

The next step is diet planning. The expert will help you fix short-term and long-term goals and help put a self-monitoring mechanism in place. Behavior and motivation are critical to achieving weight-loss goals and require integration into a weight-loss regime.

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