Can you reverse diabetes is a frequently asked question.

Diabetes manifests itself when insulin produced in the body cannot adequately metabolize the sugar in the blood, causing blood sugar levels to spike.

Blood sugar levels, when consistently high, cause harm. But why do these levels rise at all? The inability of available insulin to fully break down available blood sugar into energy leads to a rise in blood sugar levels.

Another reason is that the conversion process itself has become defective. The cells of the body have become resistant to the available insulin. As a consequence, blood sugar levels rise. The medical name for such a condition is insulin resistance.

There are multiple causes of insulin resistance. Hepatitis C virus infection in the liver is one reported cause. (Petit et al., 2001) The pancreas themselves have become calcified and is unable to produce enough insulin is another reason. (Malka et al., 2000).

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. A healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and dietary goals that seek to bring down calorie intake can help reduce diabetes risk. It can also reverse diabetes.

Some vital recommendations for older adults with diabetes are moderate leisure-time activity and walking, higher dietary fiber intake, a low-fat diet containing easily digestible carbohydrates, reduced smoking, and reduced central obesity. (Mozaffarian et al., 2009).

In a nutshell, a reversal of diabetes will begin by first identifying the cause that is causing the disease. Once that is done, the solutions will emerge. I do not subscribe to the view that just by turning vegan or exercising that the reversal of diabetes takes place. It is much more complex, and it is best to take the advice of a clinician than look for answers here.

I have looked at the subject from the standpoint of natural solutions, and my research tells me that with the help of a combination of diet, exercise, some select herbal combinations, and modern medication, the disease can be brought under complete control and one can lead a normal and healthy life.

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