Even physicians regard people with obesity as lazy, indisciplined, fond of fatty foods, regularly overeat. Body shaming of the obese is common.

Obesity is a complex disease. It appears as a polygenic condition. It is affected by environmental factors (mainly unbalanced dietary patterns and physical inactivity). Environmental factors play a crucial role in triggering obesity.

In the course of my research on natural solutions for obesity, I learned the following:

  1. Consult a physician to rule out medical factors responsible for obesity. He will recommend a series of tests to evaluate the medical condition.
  2. Switch to a balanced diet rich in plant-based fiber like vegetables, antioxidants, vitamins but low in fatty acids like oils.
  3. Avoid dairy products
  4. Start light exercises. I prefer yoga, tai chi, and walking. Do not overstress yourself. Your body is not ready for vigorous exercise, and trying to overdo it will lead to injuries.
  5. Avoid consuming weight loss supplements and herbal solutions for weight loss. While some plants are shown to bring about weight loss in animal trials, most of the research is still inconclusive.
  6. Undertake meditation, group therapy. It will help in improving your mental condition. Many severely obese people blame themselves for the condition.
  7. Discipline is critical. Eat at fixed times. Sleep between 7 to 9 hours and exercise regularly.

Remember, obesity control is a marathon and not a sprint. Take it slowly. It will require a lifestyle change that you can sustain lifelong.

Natural Solutions for Obesity

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