A huge body of scientific research has looked at this question in depth. Let me share some salient points that I have discovered as I undertook my research on natural remedies for various ailments plaguing us.

Stress is common to most people. Aging is fueled by anxiety.

Sleep lies at the center of stress management, with lifestyle changes aiding alleviate day-to-day pressure.

Therefore, how do we get a night of good 8-hour sleep becomes the central question?

Dr. Satchin Panda, a professor at the Salk Institute, California, recommends that all eating in a 24-hour cycle be restricted to 8 to 12 hours with ten hours as an optimal solution. He is the author of the book “The Circadian Code.” The balance of 14 hours is fasting hours, giving the body enough time for repair and rest.

I prefer to meditate, read my favorite book, play with my pet and kids, talk to my spouse and watch my favorite program in six hours of the 14 hours. Try this mix, and you will feel much better. If you can work your schedule according to this model and follow it assiduously, you will reduce stress and slow the process of aging.

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