This is probably best described in the Ayurveda code of health. It is not a code for asceticism. The stress is on personal hygiene, nutrition, diet, procedures, and medication. All these seek to correct imbalances in the human body, which are the root causes of any disease.

The emphasis is further on elegant attire and ornaments, social relations, physical activity, sexual enjoyment, agreeable company, and more. Clearly, the psychological well-being of an individual was regarded as a valuable aid to healing. There are separate chapters on rejuvenating drugs and sexual enjoyment, which, culturally and to some sections of society, appear to be out of tune with Hindu morality.

Ayurveda stresses aligning treatment with the personality of an individual. This aspect of treatment is called Sattva avajaya treatment (Sattva means “mind,” and avajaya means “bringing under control”). The effort of the physician is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

The human personality, according to Ayurveda, is determined by not just the physiology but also the psychology of an individual. The brain, nervous system, hormonal secretion, and the individual’s personality make up an individual’s personality. Three types of personalities are identified in Ayurveda. These are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

Personality type is associated with the nature or Prakriti of the person. Each personality type is further subdivided into subtypes. There are seven types of Sattvik personalities, six types of Rajasik personalities, and three types of Tamasik personalities. Treatments are modulated according to the personality type and subtype of the individual.

Similar concepts on life and lifestyle are enunciated in Traditional Chinese Medicine fundamental principles.

Many of these ancient concepts of lifestyle are now getting validated through modern scientific studies. For instance, the mind plays an important part in health management. De-stressing is regularly impressed upon.

The concept of lifestyle and good health is a vast and complex subject. I have tried to summarise the subject above. There is much more to it.

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