We are beginning to understand that there are health benefits from living off nature. Industrialization and excessive energy consumption have led to an increase in harmful chemicals in food and air. The move to consumption of organic food is driven by the need to protect themselves from the harmful health effects of pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful substances that conventional agriculture brings into our food chain. For others, it is driven by the desire to slow down the pace of climate change.

The role of herbal medicine, herbal cosmetics, and other herbal solutions is now being better understood. These contain small amounts of harmful substances and have the potential of providing complementary healing solutions. Scientific studies are helping us better understand the positive role of some plants in overall health management.

Scientific studies have shown that yoga, tai chi, and meditation have psychotherapeutic benefits. Many of these practices are being mainstreamed into cancer, cardiovascular treatments, and stress reduction. Studies on the brain and the mind show that this organ plays a central role in health and disease management. Adoption of de-stressing solutions from nature can play a meaningfully significant role in human health management.

Trends will be dictated by science, and the movement towards nature is an example of this.

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