Sudhir Ahluwalia

Many political economists believe that in future business alignment will be driven by a strengthening of the China US business to business relationship. The rationale behind this thinking is that the export driven Chinese economy driven by US IPR and US business operating from China will drive in self interest towards greater alignment and synergy between the two countries.

I have partial disagreement with this US China world view. Chinese like all other nation states are driven by self interest. The ongoing global recession has been exasperated by the rapid drop in US and European consumer demand. China is bound to re-align its business model to focus more on domestic growth from the existing export growth. The two most populous regions of the world India and China, inspite of their political differences will bury the hatchet and start working together to strengthen business to business ties. Africa and parts of Asia that are resource rich will increasingly get aligned to economies of India and China who will increasingly become the major customers of commodities being produced by them. While North America and Europe will continue to be major global players but business to business global re-alignment has begun.

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