Sudhir Ahluwalia

As the economy of the US continues to struggles, the public debate on outsourcing leading to service sectors jobs to India and manufacturing jobs to China is increasingly becoming strident. Sane voices of business leaders like Jeff Immelt of GE and others are getting drowned by jingoist talk. I just hope that the ultra nationalist sentiment does not get beyond a point that the political leadership in the US is forced to become more and more protectionist. Such a move will only increase bitterness amongst the emerging nations and the US which will neither be good for the US nor for the world at large.

US needs to become more competitive, it has to re-focus its growth priorities to more cutting edge technology rather than continuing to cling to old manufacturing areas like steel. Change is a continuum and the faster one is able to adapt to it the better it is for the country.
I am confident that Barack Obama will be able to steer his nation on a middle path of global collaboration based growth.

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