Sudhir Ahluwalia

The US is the largest economy of the world and the financial cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars is still small in percentage terms. The quagmire in Afghanistan can lead to a prolonged US presence in the region not unlike that in Korea except here the shooting will continue. The financial costs will continue to rise as it seeks to douse one fire after another. History has taught us that ultimately wars take their toll on nations.

Smaller economies like those of China and India are increasingly becoming more and more independent in their thinking, hitherto small businesses of these countries have begun acquiring parts of US global corporations and manufacturing and services locations are moving East.
Global businesses world over will be forced to revise their business strategies. Entrepreneurs and other decision makers who are able to read the events early on will benefit, those who continue to wait will one day find that the best deals have gone to competition, costs have risen and profits have dropped. These are ones which will fade away and disappear into history, the visionaries will survive.

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