Sudhir Ahluwalia

Natural Products

This is a segment with articles on emerging trends, scientific analysis and discussion on natural products.

Holy Herbs – History of herbs

Holy Herbs has looked at the Bible as a piece of cultural history. Herbs, herbal products, trade and uses have been traced to the Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Pharonic Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Rome, European colonial periods to...

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Sacred Trees

Feature photo: The Assyrian Sacred Tree -Near Eastern Archaeology Ancient civilizations and religious texts of all three religions of the Biblical lands (Christianity, Jewish, and Islam) have attributed immense importance to trees, which were valued for food, animal...

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Natural Products Industry Trends

Finding new chemical sources for new drugs has become increasingly difficult. The cost of drug discovery have sky rocketed. Drug manufacturers want to look at natural products as source of new drugs. They often look towards biotechnology interventions. The process...

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India is one of the leading producers of herbs, spices and agricultural commodities. Pepper, cardamom, soybean, scented rice, wheat and nutraceutical ingredients in semi processed or fully processed forms are some of the key commodities exported from India to the...

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Pharma, healthcare, biotech and lifesciences

Let me mention some market buzz in the pharma sector. "Mint" a business newspaper published from India in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal reports that GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Sanofi Aventis and Merck are all wanting to expand and make investments. Does this...

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