Sudhir Ahluwalia

Natural Remedies

Herbs, trees, shrubs and micro-organisms have been known to possess a wide range of medicinal properties. This segment contains articles that  comprehensively analyze use of plants in medicine.

Holy Herbs

With the growing trend towards “organic” products, and “coming back to nature” worldwide, the rising interest in herbs and herbal remedies, in culinary use, heath products, medicine, cosmetics, and religious rituals is not surprising. A wide audience, including...

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Palmarosa Grass

Cymbopogon martinii looks similar to lemongrass. It is a tall grass (1.8 to 2.4 meters) found in wild areas of southern Asian, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Latin America. It is widely cultivated for its essential oil. The oil was imported from India to...

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Bdellium Gum (guggul)

Feature photo - Vinayaraj Commiphora wightii and C. africana are believed to be the ingredients of a composite gum called bdellium (a.k.a Bdellium Gum). Theophrastus was the first to mention bdellium, which he learned about during the campaigns of Alexander the Great...

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Herbs In Religious Texts

Rock paintings in France, India, and other parts of the world show prehistoric humans interacting with nature. These paintings from the Stone Age date from 30000 years ago in Africa to 3300 BC (the start of the Bronze Age) in eastern Asia. They show wood, nuts,...

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