Herbal medicine and modern medicine are fundamentally different medicine systems. Herbal medicine systems like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Greek medicine, Tibetan medicine healing philosophy is that imbalances in the body are the lie at the heart of the emergence of any ailment. This imbalance is sought to be corrected through a combination of herbs and minerals, diet. and lifestyle management. In ancient times psychotherapeutic intervention with the help of chants was practiced. This practice continues till today in Tibetan medicine.
In modern medicine, the focus is diagnostics, identifying the affected organ or system affected by an ailment and provide concentrated doses of medicine that bring about healing.
In modern medicine, medication is permitted to be prescribed only after it has gone through an extensive scientific study and trial process. During this phase, the efficacy, safety, and side effects of medication are studied and documented. It then goes through a regulatory approval process before it is officially permitted to be launched as a prescribed drug.
In herbal medicine, the evolution of herbal combination has occurred through centuries of observations and experience. It is only now that these formulations are being subjected to clinical trials.
There is a general perception amongst people that herbal medicine is safe and without side effects. This is not based on facts. Herbal medicines too have side effects and can cause harm if consumed without adequate safeguards.

To get a comprehensive picture of herbal medicine systems you can pick from the selection here. An extensive bibliography is appended at the end of these books which you will find handy in case you wish to explore more.

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