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Holy Herbs

Modern Connections to Ancient Plants

This book investigates herbs of the Bible and other historical religious and other literature and seeks to answer the questions around herb origin, trade, archaeological evidence, current state of scientific research, medicinal properties etc. 


Frankincense : An Ancient Resin

A detailed account on frankincense, a resin that was brought as a gift by The Three Kings to Baby Jesus on his birth. The resin is extracted from several tree species inhabiting West Asia, Africa and South Asia. This is an account of the history, botany, industrial and medicinal use of the resin and its essential oil. The short on is:

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Ginseng: An adaptogen

Ginseng is an adaptogen used in ancient traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese medicine as a restorant, memory enhancer, as an anticancer, anti-diabetic etc. It is cultivated in multiple countries of Asia, Europe and North America. The herbs botany, cultivation, multiple medicinal and other uses are discussed in this 27 minutes long DVD video.

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Herbs for Alzheimer’s disease 

Herbal products are the fall back option for care givers and patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD). This is a review of major herbs popular in treating the ailment. The herbs reviewed include Ginkgo biloba, Bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane mushroom, ginseng, turmeric, Salvia officinalis, Jatamansi etc.The link for this video book

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Frankincense: An Ancient Resin

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Grapes – a staple Biblical food

Grapes are one of the seven staple foods mentioned in Deuteronomy 8.8 ‘A land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey”. Grape was one of the seven fruits that Moses messengers discovered in the land of Israel....

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Henna Uses

Henna is used to dye cotton, silk, and other natural fibers, as well as leather and leather products. The dye is temporary. In India, henna is used for body art during festivals and celebrations including extensive use in bridal makeup in southern Asia and the Middle...

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Henna – Historical Overview

Lawsonia inermis is the botanical name for henna. This small tree grows to a height of 5–7 meters. The plant prefers a dry and hot climate. It grows extensively in the Mediterranean region, Egypt, neighboring countries of northern and eastern Africa, the Arabian...

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