Let me begin with my own book publishing story:

“I was excited after I completed my first book. I dreamt of seeing it on the shelves of bookstores. But I didn’t know how to go about publishing the book.

I connected with book publishing experts, publishers, and literary agents. Most of my emails went unanswered. Some politely refused. Others said they do not take up health, wellness, and medicine-related titles. It was a frustrating period.

In the end, persistence paid off, and I did secure a literary agent who found me a publisher.

It took me over one year to get a book deal with an agent’s help and another year to get the book published finally.

The entire exercise did make a fairly big hole in my pocket too. “

I now help co-authors with publishing their books. It is a hassle-free service. You don’t have to spend your time finding agents, editors, publishers, book designers, book cover designers, and book marketers. We do this all for you here in one place.

Ghostwritten Books:

I am the ghostwriter for the following books:

US Government Digital Strategy

The Looping Effect (A book on business growth models)

The Dragon Sense: Climate change demands agile dragon businesses

On Veganism



Books (Print, and Kindle Editions)

  1. Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants
  2. Asian Herbs
  3. Natural Solutions for Diabetes
  4. Natural Solutions for Cancer
  5. Natural Solutions for Obesity
  6. Nutrition Facts – a guide to good health

Video Books:

Frankincense- An ancient resin

Audio Books:

Audiobook editions of the books on diabetes, obesity, and cancer are available on Audible.

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