The top killer diseases in the world are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. All three are lifestyle diseases. Some of the listed triggers for these diseases include food, exposure to repeated stimuli of oxidants, and carcinogens like smoke, radiation, pollution, inactive and sedentary habits, inadequate sleep, and genetic causes.
Much scientific research validates the important role of food in illness prevention and cure of lifestyle and other diseases. Diet is being used to treat many cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Esselstyn’s popular book on heart disease -Prevent and Reverse Heart disease describes in detail his diet therapy experiments on chronic patients with heart disease.
A lot of research supports a shift to a plant-based food diet can help reverse type 2 diabetes.
My own research on natural solutions for cancer, diabetes, and obesity presents a lot of scientific evidence on the role of food in disease prevention. However, this research also concludes that diet needs to be supported with exercise and modern medicine to reverse lifestyle diseases effectively. Indeed, my conclusions are that no single factor – food, exercise, natural solutions, and medicine- is successful. It is a combination that gives the best results.
This is a vast subject. I would not like to make sweeping statements in favor of or against food to remedy disease.

Additional reading: The link to the three books quoted below is

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