The Human Microbiome Project – (HMP) was launched in 2008. It is an extension of another ambitious global project- the Human Genome Project. HMP seeks to understand the metagenome (the combined genomes of all the microbes) of 300 healthy people. Five body areas are being sampled: skin, mouth, nose, colon, and vagina.

The project is generating a huge amount of scientific research to understand our gut-based microorganisms better. As we understand the role and dynamics of these microorganisms (collectively, we can also call them microbiome), we appreciate better their role in maintaining health and preventing and treating many an ailment.

The microbiome help digest food, regulate the immune system, and protect the body from harmful microorganisms. The intimate connection between gut-based bacteria and the brain is also being uncovered. New scientific interpretations of old concepts of gut think and gut feel are being offered.

Given the importance of the microbiome for human health, more research dollars will flow into this sector.

We can read more on the subject in my articles here and in my book on nutrition.

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