Obesity is a complex interplay of genetics, environment, and other factors. The magnitude of this disorder’s impact on health can be understood when we realize that obesity impacts 236 diseases, of which 13 are cancers. (Obesity Medicine Association).
We know that obesity management has three key components – lifestyle modification, nutrition, and exercise. Medication, too, is recommended in some cases. I would rate behavior change at the top of the list of solutions.
Motivation helps to improve physical activity levels and quality.
Through behavioral interventions, changes in diet and physical activity can be affected. These assist in weight loss, which in turn leads to improvements in health parameters.
According to the non-profit Obesity Action Coalition organization based out of the US, the following are the critical components of a behavior change strategy:
1. Setting up realistic goals and self-monitoring mechanisms
2. Increasing physical activity
3. Teaching the body and understanding how to nourish behavior change.
4. Engaging in a support group
Conventional treatment of diabetes broadly speaking is composed of:
1. Diet modification
2. Exercise
3. Medication
Both obesity and diabetes are vast subjects and this, at best, is an overview.

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