Many people are looking for a silver bullet to reduce weight with the least effort quickly. Losing weight is best achieved when we proceed systematically. Obesity is a complex disease, and it is important to exclude medical conditions before initiating any weight loss program.
Begin with a medical assessment so that physiological and genetic causes of obesity are ruled out. If there are no clinical recommendations, we move to the next stage of the weight loss process.
It entails consulting a physical therapist who will recommend an exercise schedule appropriate to your physical condition. Remember, physical therapy is a science of its own. It is best to consult with a physical therapist to arrive at a customized training suited for you.
The next step is diet planning. Many people suffering from obesity make the nutritionist or dietitian the first port of call. To my mind, the role of the dietitians comes into play only after the completion of a thorough clinical examination.
The expert will help you fix short-term and long-term goals and help put a self-monitoring mechanism in place. Behavior and motivation are critical to achieving weight-loss goals and require integration into a weight loss regime.
If you follow this routine, the chances of successful weight loss will be high.

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