Let me present nutritional facts on both these grains that will help you conclude which grain product works best for you – wheat or oats:

Cereal foods are major sources of soluble and insoluble fiber. These are grown over 73% of the total global harvested area and contribute to over 60% of the world food production. Cereals provide approximately 50% of the protein and energy necessary for the human diet.

Oats are a valuable source of protein, fiber, iron and other trace elements. They are highly nutritious and are consumed by humans and animals (Sangwan et al., 2014).

Oats have an excellent lipid profile. In addition to that, they are rich in soluble fiber. Oats are rich in not just dietary fibers but also phytochemicals. These have cholesterol-reducing and anti-cancerous properties. Oats are a suitable diet for celiac patients (Rasane et al., 2015).

The high Beta-glucan (which is soluble fiber) content in oats makes these a healthy food for the heart. The cereals contain twenty unique polyphenols that have strong antioxidant activity. Polyphenols of oats exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. They also provide protection against coronary heart disease, colon cancer (mainly because of the high quantity of fiber) and skin irritation (Meydani, (2009).

The nutritional profile of wheat grain hard white

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 100 g

Amount Per Serving

Calories 342 % Daily Value

Total Fat 1.7g 3%

Saturated Fat 0.3g 2%

Sodium 2mg 0%

Total Carbohydrate 76g 25%

Dietary Fiber 12g 48%

Sugar 0.4g

Protein 11g 22%

Calcium 3%

Iron 25%

Daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Source: https://www.nutritionvalue.org/Wheat%2C_hard_white_nutritional_value.html

It is clear from the above nutritional facts that both grains have their advantages; the choice of including a grain into your diet will depend on the nutritional requirement of the individual,. For obese and people suffering from celiac disease, the preference will be oat, for most people it will be a combination of both these grains but others too like millets and rice. A combination of grain, from the nutritional standpoint is the best option as it provides to the body advantages of each grain.

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