Let me present some basic statistics on organic foods.

The food and agriculture industry, according to the World Bank, is around 10% of the global GDP of $78 trillion. The natural and organic food and retail industry of the world is estimated in 2015 to stand at $92 billion (deduced from Statista projection figures).

The US is the major market for organic products with a market of $55 billion. Other market intelligence agencies have estimated the global organic food market to be over $100 billion. Any which way we may look at this, the organic food industry still constitutes a small percentage of the global food industry.

The US is the largest market for organic food and food products. Its market has been put at 24.3 billion Euros. Approximately 43% of the world’s revenues from organic food come from the US alone. Other major contributors are Germany 13%, France 8%, China, Canada, the UK, Italy together constitute 4%. The total European organic food market put together has been estimated in 2013 at the US $31 million (FiBL-IFOAM 2015).

Sales of organic food and non-food products in the United States reached $39.1 billion in 2014, up 11.3% from the previous year. Organic sales in 2015 were close to hitting a 5% share of the total food market. The biggest percentage increase in sales took place in the organic dairy sector that posted an 11% jump in 2014 clocking $5.46 billion. Outside of food, organic fiber and organic personal care is large and accounts for 8% of the total organic market (Organic Market Analysis).

Organic food market size is said to constitute 5% of the total food market. Some estimate a CAGR growth of 12% for North America. The global sale of organic food has risen by 170% in under a decade from 2002 onwards.

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