Change makes people, organizations, and institutions uncomfortable. Rapid changes are still more difficult for individuals and organizations to adapt to. These are facts commonly observed by all of us in our everyday life.
On the other hand, if a change becomes a normal occurrence, many of the questions around adapting to change disappear. An organization that is under threat of survival may be forced to introduce rapid changes. If the fire-fighting mode continues for an extended period, in such organizations, change also becomes routine. The organization, in these cases, starts expecting changes and learns to exist in conditions of instability and rapid change.
Frequent changes will stunts growth. The stability of business processes is missing in these organizations. The organization is constantly in a war-fighting mode. Its workforce behaves like soldiers expecting and prepared any moment for the unknown to occur.
Organizational growth will occur place when there is stability of policy, process, and systems. But change is essential for growth, renewal, up-gradation, and performance excellence. Organization and business growth lie in the balance.

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