The organization is the means to strategy implementation. Organizational structure gives the organization the form. It directs human resources to focus energy and innovation on business focus areas defined in the strategy.
Let me illustrate this with an example.
Apple’s business strategy emphasizes product design. It has a strategy that has led to its creating iconic products. Unlike many other organizations, the product design division reports directly to the leadership team and the board at Apple. Product design decisions are quick, and design innovation gets the highest organization. Other than this feature, Apple’s organizational structure is typical of any other organization.
SpaceX and Tesla have an agile organizational structure, on the other hand. The emphasis is on fungibility and rapid deployment of resources to a project area that requires attention. Hierarchy is not given importance, and communication to the top leadership, including Musk, instantaneously. These organizations will appear disorderly and even chaotic to a traditional organizational design person. But it is the agile organization design that is helping it achieve the innovation that these companies are now known for. Here the organization is closely embedded with business strategy.

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