I have done some research on Elon Musk in the context of business growth cycles. Musk has a startup mindset. He is a person with infinite energy and hugely passionate about emerging technologies. He takes bit bets on businesses that he believes in. He invested his personal funds in SpaceX and came close to bankruptcy. He is an individual with tremendous belief in his capabilities and does not give up.
Is he a rash individual? No, he takes considered decisions, weighs pros and cons before plunging into a venture. Before the launch of SpaceX, he went on a tour to Russia looking to buy a rocket. He refused all deals offered to him there. He found the offers exorbitant, and he did not invest.
Musk is a man of vision. He invested early on into probably the first GPS tracking venture and again into the precursor of PayPal. In each deal, he invested energy, passion, sweat, and money. In each deal, he comes to be a winner who, at each exit, made a considerable amount of money.
Despite his frequent outbursts on social media, his track record tells me that he thinks two steps ahead of most successful entrepreneurs. It is for these qualities he is recognized as one of the greatest inventor entrepreneurs of our times.
If you can emulate his passion, attention to detail, drive, never say die spirit coupled with deep thinking and caution, you will be successful in life.

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