Ayurveda is an ancient science that focuses on a holistic lifestyle. Teaching in Ayurveda, unfortunately, is excessively focused on the past. Science in the past 3000 years has added a lot to our understanding of holistic living. There is a crying need to bring modern thinking into the Ayurveda fraternity.

Governments are not designed to move quickly and bring about necessary changes. Instead, change and reform will be brought about by people from within the Ayurveda ecosystem. This includes physicians, manufacturers, policymakers, scientists, and experts in allied fields. Innovation is the key.

Here below are areas for exploration:

  1. Link concepts of Prakriti to modern advances in genetics and epigenetics
  2. The concepts of doshas, ancient uses of mantras for healing needs to be re-imagined. Linkages between the emerging scientific areas like:
    1. the role of the microbiome,
    2. psychotherapeutics,
    3. neurology

in healing require new and innovative study.

The synergistic interplay between component herbs and minerals in ancient herbal medicine-based formulations needs to be put through random clinical trials and published in reputed scientific journals.

People operating in the Ayurveda ecosystem have a huge opportunity in the 21st century to take themselves and expand the fundamentals of this ancient system forward.

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