Four startups from different parts of the globe reached a sharing agreement to provide seamless cab transportation service across different parts of the world. The four providers are –  Ola cabs in India, Singapore based Grab Taxi serving customers in South East Asian countries, Lyft in the US and Didi in China.

Foodpanda the Berlin headquartered global take away company has tied up with the Indian Railways Corporation to provide online food booking services to passengers travelling on Indian Railways.  Indian Railways transports annually close to 8 billion passengers. Paytm a India based mobile wallet startup is the payment intermediary in this venture.

IBM’s acquisition of Ulstream- a cloud based video streaming technology company, IRS analytics and Cleartrip; Airbnb’s partnership with Concur Technologies and many others are just a few recent examples of big and startup companies teaming together to fill a technology gap.

Often the seed of collaboration and acquisition is sown in a global conference. Providers meet, understand then go on to explore and tie up. Some startups take the acquisition/strategic partnership route to monetize, others do it to gain market share while still others collaborate to fill a critical technology gap.

Surge 2016 the global startup conference scheduled to be held in Bangalore India on the 23rd and 24th of February, 2016 is great networking and experience sharing event. It will be great place to network, showcase your service, sell technology and explore business collaboration arrangements.  Investors, large companies, emerging startups, Unicorns, media, technology industry observers from across the globe will all be there in large numbers.

The timing of Surge Bangalore 2016 is particularly fortuitous. It is taking place in the backdrop of a slowing China, crashing commodity prices, reviving Europe, growing US and India. In the just concluded business event- Davos 2016 the trending topic was the 4th industrial revolution. The revolution is being ushered in on the back of disruptive technologies. Startups, technology have never been as popular as now.

Surge 2016 is part of the Rise series of global events organized by an Irish startup event provider. This is the first event of its kind in India. It is taking place in wake of the Government of India major Startup India initiative. The just concluded event got wall to wall media coverage both on broadsheets and traditional TV. The event trended on social media. It has attracted the imagination of the Indian masses.

India has emerged as the world’s largest foreign direct investment destination this year. Indian startups, often led by Silicon valley based Indians, are starting new ventures aimed at leveraging India’s vast consumer market.

The complex Indian business environment requires deftness, tact, patience and India based network to successfully exploit this opportunity. A lot of innovation and cutting edge work in technology is being done in the US and Europe. A strategic marriage between an India based entity and a foreign technology solution provider can have immense business potential.

Most entities coming to the Bangalore event would be looking for a sale, acquisition or business collaboration understanding.  Local startups and business entities will be scouting for that cutting edge solution provider who will give it a leg up in Indian hyper competitive marketplace. Others will be looking to expand globally.

Deal making in any crowded event requires substantial pre event preparation. site have tabs providing the list of speakers and attendees coming to the conference. A shortlist of prospective candidates with who a conversation on business collaboration could be explored can be created from here.

The conference organizers, I think, are facilitating meetings. I normally prefer to arrive to a city where a global conference is scheduled a day or two in advance. I stay back post the event for an extra day or two. It is best to start meeting prospects before, during and after the event. The more the interaction, the better is the chance to make an initial breakthrough.

An event however just helps in breaking the ice, detailed due diligence hard work has to follow to fully explore good leads. Most events are worth the investment of time and expense. Surge Bangalore 2016 too is a great venue. Happy networking!

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