There are multiple types of cancer. Lifestyle is one of the listed causes of this disease. Cancer expression occurs when a gene or a set of genes gets triggered to start the proliferation of cells at an extraordinarily fast pace.
Mind-body therapies are being mainstreamed into cancer treatment. These seek to reduce pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, hot flashes, and mood improvement.
Adjunct treatments include relaxation therapies such as meditation, hypnosis, yoga, art, music, tai chi, and qi gong (Elkins et al., 2010). Fatigue in cancer survivors disrupts normal functioning and quality of life. Nonpharmacologic approaches are being tried to provide relief (Bower et al., 2014).
There have been reviews of studies investigating the impact of meditation on cancer patients. The reviews showed consistent benefits in improved psychological functioning, reduction in stress symptoms, enhanced feeling of well-being (Ott et al., 2006). A meaningful change was observed in cancer patients who were given meditation sessions (Foley et al., 2010).
The mind-body impact is an area of frenetic research activity across the globe. There is an extensive body of scientific literature that has been generated on the subject.

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